``Out To Play``

2019/07/05 12:00:00

For many years Creative Intentions has brought people together

For a brew, for a hunk of cake, to be entertained, to have a laugh, or simply to celebrate being, and that’s just our wonderful customers. Our crew, some of whom have been part of our creative colourful community for a number of years flock together each summer to build a pop up festival space and vegetarian / vegan cafe. This year, for some reason call it fate, call it faith, call it pure chance, coincidence, alignment of planets or the tea leaves in the bottom of your brew, some of our more…er…seasoned crew / family will have been changing this planet for the better for half a century, yes 50 years. In the summer of 69 while Brain Adams’ mum sat bandaging his bloody fingers, some of our mums and dads were preparing themselves for the imminent arrival of their little bundle of joy, if only they knew!?

2019 is a special year for many of us at Creative Intentions, will it be special for you?

We have put together a small intimate festival with the limited capacity of 400 likeminded people. To avoid disappointment and to ensure that you are part of this very special gathering, please purchase your tickets early. Why not join us, for our very special gathering on the very beautiful Limetree organic farm and nature reserve.

To kick off ‘our year’ we’re offering 50 tickets to Out To Play festival at the early bird price of £50. SORRY SOLD OUT! but you can purchase a full price ticket here now! 


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